With our portfolio of industry leading urology products, MD Solutions is at the forefront of innovative technology. We continually research products that produce the best patient outcomes. Our products offer Better, Faster Smarter ways of treating urological issues.


Allium Medical’s new range of anatomically specific Urology stents are flexible and coated for comfort and no tissue in-growth or calcification. 

Lon indwelling times mean less stent swap outs resulting in incredible savings for your department and patients.

Allium Medical

Magnetic BlackStar

A revolution in ureteral stenting, Magnetic Black Star can be removed in under 30 seconds by way of a magnetic connection without the need for a cystoscopy. Free up theatre time and resources with this revolution in short indwelling ureteric stenting.

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The new range of ‘Plasma Edge’ Bipolar surgery instruments gives you true Bipolar surgery with a new level of precision and ease. With a range of different electrodes, Lamidey has you covered for all your different bipolar needs.

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SpaceOAR® Hydrogel

A hydrogel designed to temporarily create a space between the Prostate and the Anterior rectal wall, SpaceOAR® has been referred to as ‘The Game Changer’ by many of Australia’s leading Radiation Oncologists and Urologists

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EMS LithoClast® Trilogy

Experience Lithotripsy like never before. A plug and play system that can clear any kind of stone, in any location, up to 48% more rapidly, easily and without compromising safety.

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