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BlackStar Stent

The Magnetic BlackStar stent from MediglobeUrotech® brings a new way of thinking to a classic urology intervention and provides a cost saving benefit to health facilities and Urology departments. 

The Magnetic Blackstar stent has a magnet attached to the distal end that resides in the bladder, which is retrievable in an out-patient setting without the need for cystoscopy or anesthesia.  

This setting greatly reduces the need for expensive vision equipment and Operating suite time enabling greater use of theatre time and a significant reduction of cost compared to a classic double-j removal. 

The Magnetic Blackstar is inserted in the same manner as a normal double-j stent but can be removed without the use of a cystoscope and without the need to be anesthetized again, avoiding the associated costs and risks. 

A simple retrieval which has a corresponding magnet, can be inserted under local in a clinic setting. The retrieval device is rotated in the bladder until it catches the Blackstar’s magnet and is simply removed.  

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