The Plasma Edge range of bipolar electrodes and generators from Lamidey Noury Medical have filled the need in the market for an efficient and reliable bipolar surgery unit.

If your Urology department needs true bipolar TURP capabilities and more, PLasma Edge is for you.  

With exceptional cutting and coagulation capabilities and a wider range of electrodes including roller ball, knife and a vaporizer the Plasma Edge range has you covered for all bipolar surgeries.  

The benefit of single system that covers several operations and techniques saves time and money for your department.  

The Plasma Edge system is true bipolar technology with the energy return inside the electrode itself, not through the resectoscope sheath or a return electrode, both of which can result in patient injury.  

MD Solutions can supply a full range of working elements compatible with your current resectoscopes as well as the electrodes being compatible with existing “orange boxes” to save your department money.  

To trial the system for yourself and experience the quality of Plasma Edge get in touch with one of our reps today.  

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