Anxiolytic Inhaler for a better patient experience. Pain and anxiety relief for patients receiving minor office procedures, exams and injections.

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Hand Held Nitrous

The Hand-Held Nitrous technology allows for easy office procedures and injections. It safely reduces pain and anxiety in seconds.

This pocket sized device is easy to use and requires no specialised training or evacuation plumbing. 

Patient anxiety and pain associated with uncomfortable injections and minor office procedures is a universal problem. To solve this, the Hand-Held Nitrous was developed.

This simple cost effective device delivers a small amount of USP medical grade nitrous oxide, creating temporary anxiety and pain reduction in seconds.

Results may vary in patients with recovery time around approximately 6 minutes.

Patient inhales Nitrous Oxide and ambient air from a single nasal cannula, nasal mask or mouthpiece. The gas is delivered from a re-usable hand-held dispenser. Patients can usually self-medicate under supervision.

Average dose: 39.6% over 180 seconds/ USP Grade N2O. Two doses per day, per adult. Recommended for patients aged 3 and over.

Approved for use in Europe, Canada and Australia.

It is our goal to help your medical procedure go easier! Why not give your patient the best possible experience while they are in your care.

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