New LithoClast® Trilogy is here and it was worth the wait! Plug and play system and 50% faster stone clearance, Trilogy is a game changer.

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To see how EMS have developed the technology to enable this breakthrough please watch the below: 

EMS Trilogy

The new generation Swiss Lithoclast Trilogy has finally arrived combining the power of three 

  • Ballistic Power 
  • Ultrasonic Power 
  • Increased Suction 
  • All in a single probe

With the fastest stone clearance rate on the market and an easy to use interface.Trilogy is redefining PCNL technology. 

The Lithoclast Trilogy has been reimagined with a plug and play system that requires no intricate set up procedure. A single probe and torque wrench enable quick and easy assembly to get your case started.  

Due to the incorporation of both ballistic and ultrasonic energy into a single probe the inner channel is completely open to allow for faster stone clearance, shown to be 48% faster on bench test compared to other lithotripsy devices.  

Quicker and easier set up and faster stone removal results in quicker cases overall.  

If you would like to be able to clear any kind of stone, in any location, up to 48% more rapidly, easily and without compromising safety get onto one of our reps today about the Swiss LithoClast® Trilogy.

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