The DolorClast® is the gold standard extra-corporeal shockwave therapy system for orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries. The DolorClast® is a gentle and efficient treatment with pneumatically generated shockwaves.

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Swiss Dolorcast

The Swiss DolorClast® is primarily used for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

Radio shock wave therapy in accordance with the Swiss DolorClast® method has become the gold standard in sports medicine.

With 30 randomised controlled trials and more than 125 publications, the evidence cannot be ignored.

Everyone complains at one time or another in his or her lifetime about back pain, neck pain or painful hardening of the muscles – a widespread affliction.

About 80% of the population suffer from serious muscle conditions – all are potential patients for treatment without medication, injections or surgery.

Innovative touch panel for simple and safe operation, low-energy hand piece for gentle power delivery and includes designer cart for utmost mobility, which is the essence if the original Swiss DolorClast® method.

The device delivers compressed air to a treatment handle which accelerates an internal projectile, which strikes a fixed applicator at high speed (up to 90km/ph). The kinetic energy is converter into a shock wave delivered to the target tissue through the skin. The shock wave begins by a compression phase creating sheer stress in the tissue. This is followed by a depression phase or tensile phase, generating cavitation bubbles.


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