Allium Medical Stents are made of a super elastic nitinol alloy covered by a unique polymer, which offers long term treatment options for “simple obstructions” as well as complication management. This reduces the amount of operations needed and enables the patient to avoid multiple anaesthetic interventions.

Allium’s long indwelling stents also reduce the economic burden on the health system by replacing several stenting operations with one single long-term solution.

Allium stents are included on the prosthesis list and are fully covered by Private Health Insurance.

Allium stents are a self-expanding, fully covered metal Urology stents covering indications from Urethral stenting to Ureteric Stenting. 

Their self-expanding technology allows for easy insertion while the fully covered nitinol stent can reduce tissue ingrowth and stone formation.

This reduction of common stent complications allows the Allium stent to be left in for long periods of time, currently 3 years for the Ureteric stent, giving patients better QOL due to decrease in re operations and hospital stays.

Allium stents are inbuilt into a preloaded, easy to use insertion devices. Urethral stents can be inserted with direct vision alone and Ureteric stents under image intensifier. The stents are self-expanding under their own radial force meaning strictures need only be dilated to enable the stents to open to the desired size. Once successfully placed patients can simply be followed up every 6 months. Allium stents are designed for easy and safe removal. With its polymeric sealing effect allowing it to slide out when pulled on, and in addition is designed to unravel into a thread-like strip as a backup mechanism.

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