Over the last 29 years, MD Solutions has evolved into Australasia's most innovative supplier of medical devices and healthcare technologies across a wide range of clinical, surgical and healthcare specialties

Setting the new
gold standard.

About MD Solutions

Our quest for new and innovative products has allowed us to work with the Australia and New Zealand medical community to establish new technology.

With origins dating back to 1964 in surgical device supply MD Solutions plays an important role in introducing high quality surgical devices to Australasian surgeons and hospitals.

Our passion for finding solutions and refusing the status quo of accepted outcomes has enabled us to work closely with the ANZ medical community to bring new and novel medical devices to Australia and New Zealand.

At MDS we know the key to establishing new products is improved patient outcomes. With our medical and regulatory partners, we have successfully launched several new technologies from trial stage to the Gold Standard including The EMS Lithoclast, the Gyrus BiPolar system, SpaceOAR prostate-rectum spacing and more.

As longstanding suppliers to the Australasian medical community, we understand that service is our greatest asset. Routinely going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction and the best patient outcomes is MD Solutions cornerstone from which everything else is built upon.

With a look to the future MD Solutions is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the medical community and the economic burden of medical devices.

With an eye on bio-friendly products to help the planet and economically sound products to reduce rather than increase hospital budgets, MD Solutions is at the dawn of a new style of medical business focused on mutually beneficially solutions.

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