ScanMed are an American owned and Operated company who develop and manufacture advanced and unique MRI coils.Their team consists of the top engineers and MRI professionals in the industry, who lead in-house product design and manufacturing. Their innovative MRI coils are multi-functional and bring more coverage and wide-spread clinical application with a higher signal-to-noise ratio. ScanMed is fully ISO certified FDA and TGA registered.
ScanMed also have a unique offering in their coil repair/refurbishment business. Here at MDS we are keen to offer the same service in Australia as we believe we can offer the same quality service and savings on price that greatly reduce maintenance costs for facilities. If interested please contact product manager Xavier Lawrence.
Coil Range
 ScanMeds’s newest offering is the Procure Coil for abdomen imaging for both men and women. ScanMed_slider_Prostate-Pelvic-Coil
The Procure coil is an 8 or 16 element array used for  prostate, rectum, ovarian, uterine, and reproductive organs. The coil has emerged from beta testing now with emphasis on prostate screening with some of the leaders in the industry.  This is the world’s first wearable “diaper” coil sized for one-size-fits-all imaging. It produces competitive diagnostic image quality compared to the endorectal probe with the obvious benefit of being an external coil set. Current trials in Australia have seen significant improvement in high B Value DWI imaging for detection of PCa.  
The coil is for both 3T and 1.5T scanners to bring them up to the image quality needed for mpMRI of the prostate. This could be especially helpful for regional centers where patients are having to travel long distances for exams. 
Currently in the country we have 3T compatible coils for all GE and Siemens systems. For more information or to book a trial please contact product manager  Xavier Lawrence. 
ScanMed also have an extensive range of quality coils that include: The Blanket coil – Ideal in paediatric uses for a soft, comfortable universal coil, MSK coils including Knee/Foot, Long and Short Bone, Shoulder/Knee and Elbow, SemiFlex bone coils, Orbital and Mandible coil, Peripheral Vascular for MRA and adult and paediatric Head/Neck/Spine coils.
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