The TGA has released a medicine shortage notification for the Pfizer Lignocaine Gel 2% product both with and without Chlorhexidine 0.05%.
Please see the link for details directly from the TGA.
MD Solutions can supply you with an equivalent replacement product, Instillagel. Manufactured in Germany to the strictest standards, it is the top selling urethral lubricant with distribution throughout 44 countries. It is listed with the TGA as a medical device, not as a pharmaceutical so there are less purchasing and handling requirements than for medicines that must be purchased through pharmaceutical suppliers.
You can purchase directly from MD Solutions, or from your regular pharmacy or wholesaler. Please contact us first to ensure we can make the supplier aware and have stock on hand.
The main benefits of Instillagel are:
  • Sterile packaging that conforms to ACORN and sterile use guidelines.
  • Instillagel Lido comes in an 11ml syringe, a 10% increase at no extra cost.
  • A tip design that is atraumatic to the urethra.
  • Syringe loaded for ease of use, no breaking of plastic seals which can leave micro residue, no tear packaging for out of sterile field “tipping’ onto sterile trays, no concertina effect that can cause suction of the inner urethral mucosa and subsequent injury.
  • Clinical validation for the technology e.g. the Chlorhexidine version has improved antibacterial action  to make it 99.9% effective against MRSA.
Purchase Orders or written requests can be sent through to

About Instillagel

Instillagel has been used with consistent success over the past 46 years and sets the standard for urethral lubrication. It contains the local anaesthetic lidocaine hydrochloride only in the Lido product and the antiseptic chlorhexidine gluconate plus Lidocaine in the Almed product.
Applying Instillagel correctly (1ml per second) will result in a complete coating and unfolding of the urethra. When relaxed, the urethra has a star-shaped form, and requires unfolding to minimise trauma from invasive procedures.
Instillagel® comes in a modern sterile blister pack, offering the best possible protection against the introduction of bacteria, unlike some other packaging which do not adhere to the ACORN standards for sterility in theatre. Instillagel is also syringe loaded so there is no need for breaking of plastics tip potentially introducing micro residue into patients and no concertina effect which can suck gel back into packaging and cause injury to patients. 


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