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Since its introduction 1991, the Swiss LithoClast® has become the standard method for endoscopic stone breaking and enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation among urologists.
The newest development in handheld lithotripsy devices, the LithoBreaker utilises an electro mechanical drive performing at the same level as the classic LithoClast.
Using existing LithoClast probes, the LithoBreaker is an ideal device for hospitals with a busy stone unit needing a backup device, smaller hospitals with infrequent stone cases and is ideal for travelling doctors.
LithoClast 2
The Swiss LithoClast® 2 replaces the classic LithoClast, improving both treatment results and handling when compared to its predecessor. Its physician-controlled individual impulse frequency improves fragmentation control. The Lithovac lv3 design, coupled with the superior pneumatic handpiece pn3, optimises treatment results and handling.
LithoClast Master
The LithoClast Master is a combination intracorporeal lithotripter, ideal for percutaneous applications. It combines the stone clearing efficiency of an ultrasonic device, with the fragmentation strength of a pneumatic probe, into a single handpiece.
The LithoClast Master is the most efficient way of removing large calculi. It has also been clinically proven to be four times faster at stone removal than the classic Lithoclast and more than twice as fast when compared to standard ultrasound lithotripters. It also aids in the prevention of stone fragment blockages in the ultrasound handpiece and the ultrasound probe.


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