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Laser therapy is the latest development in treatment for fungal nails (onychomycosis). It’s a safe, effective and easy alternative to topical ointments and/or medications. For this reason, laser therapy is gaining popularity and becoming the treatment of choice for many people with fungal nails.
The A.R.C FOX Laser is designed with portability and ease in mind. It’s compact and light (17 x 16cm in size and 1.2kg in weight), making it ideal for even the smallest clinic or users with multiple clinic sites. The FOX laser is also incredibly versatile, delivering up to 10W of 1064nm laser energy from 0.1ms pulses up to Continuous Wave. There are also a variety of handpieces and fibres available to expand the fields of use.
Laser Treatment with the FOX Laser from A.R.C is both safe and effective and fast and easy to perform. No local anaesthesia is required, and it won’t harm nails or skin.
Available now across a number of podiatry practices, the FOX Laser is rapidly becoming the gold standard for the successful treatment of Onychomycosis.

FOX Alone

Clinical Implementation

Clinical Management of Verrucae Pedis

Paul Bowles the Senior Podiatrist at The Foot Spot with over 15 years of experience is a leader in the field of A.R.C. Nail laser use. Here he shares with us his technique for the treatment of Verrucae Pedis. For the full transcript please head here.

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