Medical Measurement Systems (MMS) is one of the world’s leading companies in the development and distribution of medical diagnostic systems for gastroenterology.
MMS offers a complete line of ambulatory Impedance-pH recorders and stationary motility equipment, including High Resolution (Impedance) Manometry solutions (HRM). Dedicated MMS software provides fully automated analysis of oesophageal pH, Impedance (GORD) and pressures recorded during 24-hour studies. MMS’ GI equipment is used to measure and diagnose non-cardiac chest pain, swallow disorders, reflux, EGG and motor abnormalities for the oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon and anorectal canal. MMS products have been on the market since 1988.  The company philosophy is that engineers and sales & marketing people have daily contact with practicing physicians and nurses all over the world. This enables MMS to develop, modify and customize diagnostic systems that exactly meet the needs of today’s healthcare professionals and gives MMS an outstanding reputation.
Featured Products:
Ohmega – Ambulatory Impedance-pH Recorder

MMS Thing small

The Ohmega is a small and lightweight ambulatory system which combines Impedance recording and pH recording. As a result, the Ohmega detects reflux activity using Impedance and categorizes these reflux episodes as acidic or non-acidic (weakly acidic), using traditional pH measurement. Gas and mixed liquid/gas reflux episodes are analyzed as well.
The Virtual Instructor Program® helps to complete the procedure successfully with minimal training. Bluetooth® capabilities make it possible to view and check data on a computer monitor while recording. The intelligent symptom analysis software quantifies reflux episodes quickly and simply.
Impedance and pH Catheters


MMS offers a broad range of Impedance and pH catheters. A wide variety in Impedance and pH channels, as well as diameters, are available. MMS catheters are flexible, easy to insert, and have an internal reference electrode (except for the multi-use Impedance-pH catheters).
  • Single use Impedance-pH catheters
  • Multi-use Impedance-pH catheters
  • Single use and reusable Antimony pH catheters
  • Single use and reusable ISFET pH catheters
  • pH calibration kits
High Resolution Manometry (HRM)
High Resolution Manometry (HRM) is a new approach of measuring pressures in the gastrointestinal tract and presentation of the results. This method consists of measuring multiple pressures simultaneously. This allows detailed assessment of all relevant data for the whole oesophagus or anal sphincter. Besides the conventional displays, rapid data interpretation via Clouse contour plots can be established.
High Resolution Manometry can be used to measure peristalsis in the oesophagus (HRM) and to assess the apparatus and defecation provided by the anal sphincter (HRAM). HRM can also be combined with impedance measurement (HRIM) and/or video images and cineloops to view the swallows and bolus movement in the oesophagus. There are also HRM solutions for antroduodenum, small bowel and colon available from MMS.

High Res

The Most Advanced HRM / HRIM Systems on the Market


Solar GI HRM / HRIM are currently the most advanced systems available. Latest developments such as the Chicago Classification criteria, QuickView analysis program, 3D Oesophageal Pressure Topography (EPT) and new catheter technology make the Solar GI HRM / HRIM Systems:
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Procedures more accurate and reliable
  • Data analysis better, simpler and quicker
  • Procedure costs lower
Solar GI HRM / HRIM  Highlights
  • Measuring simultaneously up to 36 pressure channels and 16 Impedance channels
  • Reusable and single use catheter solutions (solid state and water perfused, both up to 36 pressure channels)
  • Variety of catheter diameters, to ensure accurate HRM measurement for different patient groups
  • Intuitive MMS software with remote control leads to simple HRM procedures
  • Event-based analysis software, where events can be Resting periods, Swallows, etc.
  • QuickView program for fast and easy analysis
  • Latest HRM results and Chicago Classification criteria included
  • 3D Oesophageal Pressure Topography plots
    for a new perspective on the events
  • Synchronized video manometry optional (X-Ray, C-Arm, Ultrasound)
  • Expandable with HRSM, HRCM and HRAM
  • Flexible HRM systems solutions for every budget
Water Perfused HRM Catheters

water perfused

MMS offers a water perfused HRM solution as water perfused manometry is a proven technique for over 15 years.  More than 100.000 manometry studies have been performed with this type of catheter. Unidirectional recording is the world standard on which all current normal values are based.

Water perfused HRM catheters offer many advantages:

  • The attractive purchase price of water perfused HRM catheters allows you to buy several catheters.
  • No risk of cancelling manometry examinations due to catheter failure, as water perfused catheters  do  not  break  or  need  repair.
  • As these catheters are also autoclaveable no catheter disinfection between patients is needed, making an easy organization of disinfection / sterilization possible.
  • Catheter configurations can be designed to your clinical needs.
  • You can also add a guide wire lumen to your catheter.
  • Up to 7 Impedance channels can be added.
Solid State HRM Catheters

solid state

Solid state HRM catheters offer many advantages:
  • The probe spans the entire oesophagus, from pharynx to stomach.
  • Dense coverage from pharynx till stomach (spacing: 1cm).
  • No study preparations needed.
  • No calibration.
  • One connector for all pressures.
  • Changing patient positions does not change measured pressures.
  • Catheter can be cleaned in a few minutes.
  • Up to 16 Impedance channels can be added.
  • Rapid response to measure the true physiological signature.
  • Simple operation.
  • Low maintenance.
High Resolution Anorectal Manometry (HRAM)

High res anorectal

High Resolution Anorectal Manometry (HRAM) is a new approach of measuring anorectal pressures. Besides conventional manometry displays, rapid data interpretation via contour plots can be established.
Solar GI HRAM analysis software helps you to review all manometry data very efficiently. It provides fast and accurate determination of diagnostic parameters using intuitive graphical markers.
360 degree HRAM


In combination with a dedicated 3-D catheter, HRAM data can also be displayed in a 3-Dimensional plot, providing even more information. As a result sphincter damage or defects can easily be recognized in the tube view mode.
Can also be displayed in a 3-Dimensional plot, providing even more information. As a result sphincter damage or defects can easily be recognized in the tube view mode.

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