A Polymeric Coating to Reduce Tissue Ingrowth and Stone Formation
A New Range of Anatomically Correct Urology Stents
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AlliumMedical urological stents are safe, effective, intended for a long indwelling period and are comfortable for the patient.

Full Clinical Adaptability
• Site-specific shape to fit the anatomy and function of the target organ.
• Extremely flexible for excellent comfort.
• Excellent voiding control.
• Special anti-reflux geometry.
• Specially engineered ends – to prevent or reduce the development of occluding proliferated tissue at the ends (candy-wrap effect).


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No tissue in-growth and significantly reduces the chance for stone formation and calcification
• The stents are 100% covered with a thin polymeric layer built on a skeleton of nitinol to provide complete lumen wall coverage.
• The proprietary polymer was especially developed to prevent stone formation and calcification.
• The stents self-expand to a large calibre, allowing for excellent flow and no blockage.
• Designed for a long indwelling period.

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Easy Placement and Simple Removal
• The advanced delivery system allows for insertion under vision and/or under fluoroscopy and it includes radiopaque markersfor accurate positioning.
• Non-shortening structure – Allowing accurate placement during deployment.
• The simple and non-traumatic unraveling mechanism gives a unique safety element for stent removal.
• Designed with a unique anchoring mechanism to prevent migration.

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Urological Stents Available
BUS Bulbar Urethral Stent
The BUS provides minimally invasive management for recurrent bulbar strictures. Differing from other stents, Allium’s stent is large in calibre in order to fit the shape and dimensions of the normal bulbar urethra. Its dynamic sphincteric segment prevents sphincteric dysfunction that may cause incontinence. The BUS is designed to be removed easily and safely by its unraveling mechanism, even after long indwelling periods.
Technical details:
  1. Calibre – 45 Fr
  2. Lengths – 50mm/55mm/60mm
  3. The deployment system is delivered endoscopically
  4. Easily visible thick stent wires in fluoroscopy
Video: http://www.allium-medical.com/videos-10/
Instructions for Use: http://www.allium-medical.com/ifu-s-10/
Clinical Data: http://www.allium-medical.com/clinical-research-14/
URS Ureteral Stent
Designed to manage chronic benign and malignant lower ureteral stenosis. The URS is crush-proof and has a soft touch for maximum patient comfort. The stent body is attached by a Trans-VUJ wire to an intravesical anchor to prevent upward migration. Owing to its long indwelling period, the URS can replace the double J stents which have to be reinserted every few months. The use of the URS in ureteral stenosis is a safe and effective procedure.
Technical details:
  1. Comes in 2 calibres – 24 Fr and 30 Fr
  2. Lengths – 10cm / 12cm, with or without a VUJ anchor
  3. The stent is mounted on a 10 Fr Retrograde or Antegrade Delivery System
  4. 3 Radiopaque Markers at each end and one on the anchor
Video: http://www.allium-medical.com/videos-7/
Instructions for Use: http://www.allium-medical.com/ifu-s-7/
Clinical Data: http://www.allium-medical.com/clinical-research-11/
TPS Triangular Prostatic Stent
The only lumen conforming, large calibre, triangular prostatic stent, indicated for all prostatic obstructions. The unique shape of the TPS allows for less tissue to be pushed aside, causing less irritability and retains the same lumen as other circular stents. The high radial force body and low radial force edge near the external sphincter enables the TPS to conform to the prostatic urethra, offering excellent flow and highly improved patient comfort than existing stents, without jeopardizing the voluntary continence mechanism. To prevent migration below the sphincter, the stent has a special anchor attached to the segment body by a Trans-Sphincteric wire. The TPS is designed to be removed easily and safely by its unraveling mechanism, even after long indwelling periods.
Technical details:
  1. Calibre – 45 Fr
  2. Lengths – 30mm/40mm/50mm /60mm/65mm
  3. A tube mounted on a deployment handle with a Tiemann type at the distal end; there is no need for fluoroscopy
IV. Has 2 radiopaque markers for verifying correct positioning
Video: http://www.allium-medical.com/videos-9/
Instructions for Use: http://www.allium-medical.com/ifu-s-9/
Clinical Data: http://www.allium-medical.com/clinical-research-13/
RPS Round Posterior Urethral Stent
The RPS provides minimal invasive management for urethrovesical anastomotic stenosis after Radical Prostatectomy, Radical Cystoprostatectomy or bladder-neck stenosis after TURP. Its body is strong yet extremely flexible, to allow for insertion into the posterior urethra and to open an occluded passage. Its sphincteric segment is designed to minimize sphincteric dysfunction, whereas its anchor is designed to prevent backward migration, one of the big problems of many stents on the market. The RPS is designed to be removed easily and safely by its unraveling mechanism, even after long indwelling periods.
Technical details:
  1. Calibre – 45 Fr
  2. Lengths – 40mm
  3. The stent is mounted on a deployment handle for release under fluoroscopy
  4. Easily visible thick stent wires in fluoroscopy
Video: http://www.allium-medical.com/videos-8/
Instructions for Use: http://www.allium-medical.com/ifu-s-8/
Clinical Data: http://www.allium-medical.com/clinical-research-12/


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