Service is our Business
Going above and beyond the call of duty
For improved patient outcomes

The MDS Difference.

With origins dating back to 1964 in surgical device supply MD Solutions plays an important role in exposing high quality surgical devices to Australasian surgeons and hospitals. As one of very few medium size distributors that services both Australia and New Zealand we pride ourselves in the service we offer our customers.
Our passion for new and effective products has allowed us to work closely with the ANZ medical community to establish new technology as the ‘gold standard’ from the trial phase onward. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland we are able to offer the finest technology available Australasia wide.
At MDS we know the key to establishing new products is always improved patient outcomes. With a background dating back to 1964, at MDS we have a depth of experience. With knowledgeable and dedicated staff comprised of doctors, ex-nurse specialists and medical technicians our representatives have a passion and history with surgical devices that is both professional and understanding. With an array of experience in multiple surgical and interventional disciplines we have a product range that represents the best technologies available for multiple medical fields.
As longstanding suppliers to the Australasian medical community we understand that service is our greatest asset. Routinely going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction and the best patient outcomes is MD Solutions cornerstone from which everything else is built upon.
To put it simply ‘Service is our Business’.