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Girl neoTonusPelvic Floor Therapy System
What is NeoControl® ?
Non-invasive and painless therapy for urinary incontinence, based on Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation, or ExMI™. NeoControl combines the basic principle of magnetic induction with the body’s own physiology. MDS have been working with the NeoControl system for over a decade and as the exclusive distributor have helped countless men and women with their continence issues.
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Patient’s pelvic floor is positioned on a pulsing therapeutic field – penetrating all muscles of the pelvic floor
How does NeoControl® work?
 NeoControl® stimulates nerve activity in the pelvic floor, Exercises muscles that control bladder function, improving strength, endurance and increasing circulation. 20-minute treatment twice a week for approximately eight weeks. Patients sit fully clothed in a comfortable chair.
Intended Use. Indicated for patients with mild to moderate (type I or II) stress, urge and mixed incontinence. Good indications for: Faecal incontinence, Post radical prostatectomy, Prostadynia, Chronic pelvic floor pain in men.

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